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rudolph // jingle

simfanatic05 in beaverhausenx

[#11] 244 Icons ER, HP, Heroes, Lost, Titanic, Ugly Betty

27- ER S1
43- Misc Harry Potter + Emma Watson
12- Heroes
57- Lost S3
20- Titanic
85- Ugly Betty

-Rules are here
-Friend for future updates?

the sun's gettin cold, it's snowing...looks like an early winter for usCollapse )


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I LOVE love the Heroes, Lost, and Ugly Betty icons. =]
Thank you!
You're welcome! Thank YOU! :)
took a couple UB icons.
will credit if used!

thank you for sharing!
Np! Enjoy!!
took #3 ugly betty thanks, gorgeous <3
Thank YOU! :)
oehh great icons! love the ER-ones!!
Thanks!! :D
I took the one of the weasly twins! I love it...!
Great! I'm glad! :)
zomg I LOVEEE your icons! I'll put this in memories and takes some sometime...
I just gave my friend a paid account gift with the extra user ics and now I'm really jealous about those extra user pics lol
lol That was nice of you! Enjoy! ;)
I've snagged a few icons from throughout your jounal, thank you so much for sharing all of these with us!
Aw you are so welcome! Thanks for stopping by!!
hp 14. <3
These are lovely! Great coloring.
Thanks so much! That means a lot to me!!
Oh where to begin! =)

Great job on all the icons!! Took HP #18, Lost #'s 3, 49 & 51 (also thought about taking the b&w one with Charlie/Claire/Aaron-I j/ love the b&w effect & everything else about that icon!), & Titanic #'s 18 & 20 (I found 20 to be absolutely breathtaking! I just had to take some Titanic 1's since it's 1 of my fav movies...tho I prob won't really use 'em like I would HP or Lost). Where did you find the pics for Lost's 49 & 51 (the ones of "Skate" getting it on lol)?! I'd like to find those pics & maybe use 'em for something. Too bad I don't see many "Skate" from S3-those icons made me happy since I'm slowly becoming a "Skate" as well as a C/C fan! The HP one also made me happy since I'm kinda a Ron/Hermoine shipper =) Anywho, I'll shuddup now LOL =oX *waves*
Well I'm sure glad you enjoyed them!! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment! I really do appreciate it! :))
Hi :) I snatched 3 and 67 of the Ugly Betty icons. Thank you so much! :)
Hey! Thank you! Enjoy!!
Came over from uglybettyicons and snagged harry potter #8 of Oliver Wood and Ugly Betty #41 of Daniel.

thanks so much! Will credit when use! :)
Snagging HP 8 and Ugly Betty 3. These are wonderful!
Thanks so much! Enjoy!
Took probably all the HP ones because they are just soooo brilliant! Will credit!!
Aw thanks! I appreciate that!
Daniel/TLM sheets....I just had to snag #3 from the UB set.
Gotta love the TLM sheets lol Enjoy :D
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