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rudolph // jingle

simfanatic05 in beaverhausenx

[#11] 244 Icons ER, HP, Heroes, Lost, Titanic, Ugly Betty

27- ER S1
43- Misc Harry Potter + Emma Watson
12- Heroes
57- Lost S3
20- Titanic
85- Ugly Betty

-Rules are here
-Friend for future updates?

the sun's gettin cold, it's snowing...looks like an early winter for usCollapse )


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Taking lost 3 and 9 for use on greatestjournal. Thanks! Nice job.
Thank you!!! :))
These are gorgeous! I snagged a few Titanic. Will credit. ^_^
Thank you! :)
No problem! Enjoy!
SQUEE Ugly Betty. Heroes. Took a few from each set~ Sankyuu! You are credited.
hehe You are very welcome! I'm glad you liked them ;)
#42 and 2, Harry Pottaaaa. < 333333333 Shall credit!
Thank you! Enjoy!!
Stunning, really beautiful work. ^^
Aw thank you. That means a lot to me! :)
Taking Lost #46.
Will credit.
Enjoy! Love the icon, its stunning!
took 4 ER ones! these are awesome! yay season one of ER
Glad you like them! :) a BIG yay for season 1 haha
I took number 5, but number 12 is also hilarious! Great work! Of course, credit when used.
hehe thanks! I appreciate it! :D
Took one of Ron & Hermione & all the Emma one's. Thanks so much! Shall credit.
Enjoy!!! ^__^
Taking 79!!!!
Enjoy! :)
Snagged #11 of the HP set. Very nice all around and will credit!
Thanks! I appreciate it!!
Great icons! Snagging heaps. :D
Thank you! Enjoy!
Why, thank you! That means a lot to me! :))
Love the Ugly Betty ones. Snagged a few, will credit when used.
Thank you! Enjoy!
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