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rudolph // jingle

simfanatic05 in beaverhausenx

[#11] 244 Icons ER, HP, Heroes, Lost, Titanic, Ugly Betty

27- ER S1
43- Misc Harry Potter + Emma Watson
12- Heroes
57- Lost S3
20- Titanic
85- Ugly Betty

-Rules are here
-Friend for future updates?

the sun's gettin cold, it's snowing...looks like an early winter for usCollapse )


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Thank you! Betty is such a fun show to make icons of, the show has bright bold colors :)
Took No.72. Buit I looked at them all, and they were all fantastic.
Oh thanks! I appreciate it!
If I didn't have so many Titanic icons already, I'd be snatching some of these. This movie was on TNT last night, and of course I had to watch it! Love it.

I am - however - snatching no. 5 from the ER batch. Thanks very much. Will credit. :o)
Ah it was? And I missed it?! haha I practically live on TNT lol I remember it was on over Thanksgiving weekend and thats when I started making these!
omgomgomg! Your lost icons are wicked! I stole a few :)
Thanks I appreciate it! =D



using 17 of titanic for my myspace... will credit you!

Re: thanks

awesome! thanks!!
nice job! saved some. will credit.
Thanks! Enjoy!!
Awesome icons :D Snagging #17 of the HP set ♥
I'm glad you like them!! :D
wow what a great set saved one from ugly betty and the last one of titanic.

will credit

have you made other titanic posts? thanks
Thank you! I havent made any other Titanic posts, but I WILL probably do more in the future! ;)
tool UB #3. Will credit, thanks :)
No prob! Enjoy!
great icons! snagging tons, from HP, Heroes, Lost, and Ugly Betty.
Awesome! Great fandoms hehe
omg u dont even know how much I love titanic...i love ER too! ive seen titanic like a million times...ahh good times..love all!
Oh tell me about it! I was addicted to Titanic back in the day! Thanks for commenting! :)
Taking an Oliver - HP icon! ♥
Enjoy! :D

Ooo Titanic icons :)

And all so pretty, I like how you color one part and leave the rest black and white ;)

Re: Ooo Titanic icons :)

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback A LOT!
took a few of the titanic ones and will credit. thank you!!
YW! Enjoy!!
Took some HP and Lost icons!! Will credit ;)
Thanks! Enjoy :)
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