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rudolph // jingle

simfanatic05 in beaverhausenx

[#11] 244 Icons ER, HP, Heroes, Lost, Titanic, Ugly Betty

27- ER S1
43- Misc Harry Potter + Emma Watson
12- Heroes
57- Lost S3
20- Titanic
85- Ugly Betty

-Rules are here
-Friend for future updates?

the sun's gettin cold, it's snowing...looks like an early winter for usCollapse )


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How great are these? Very great! Thanks for sharing!
Aw thanks! That means a lot to me :)
Ugly Betty! thanks! will credit! :D
Yay! Enjoy! :))
wow! gorgeous icons!!
Thanks for the comlpiment! :D
i like the coloring on #1 for heroes. Taking & crediting that thanks!
Thanks!! Enjoy!
Wow. *squees* How did you do 27?! It's gorgeous! I might take some!
Thanks! Its mainly just selective coloring, and I increased the saturation a bit :)
Snagging 17+18 from the HP batch, for now :)
Enjoy!! :D
splend HP & Titanic Icons!
Thanks! I appreciate it!!
I snagged a couple of the HP ones, will credit if used. The HP and the Titanic batch are awesome. Great job!
Thank you so much!!
pretty coloring my friend! :)
Thanks! I really appreciate that!! :D
Lovely! Took two ER ones and an HP and will credit if used. Thanks!
YW! Enjoy!
Took ER10 (I love you!), HP11, and UB35 and 67. They're gorg! Will credit, thanks!
hehe Thanks!!

Love the icon, such a classic movie!
wow they're all amazing, love the colouring :)
Thanks! That means a lot to me! :)
These are all fantastic! I especially love the Titanic and ER ones. Nice job!
Thank you so much! :))
awesome job, ER and Lost! <3 Taking some. :)
Thank ya!!! Enjoy!!
Holy wow... Great job! I took a few. Thanks!
Thanks! I'm glad you like them!!!
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